Annually we process more than 8,000 tons of flour & mixes. We produce more than 200 daily SKUs – bread, bakery, frozen goods, biscuits etc. Store and production space are more than 5,000m2 with highest production standards in Serbia.

Industrial production of bread

Pons can produce 70 000 of units of bread each day, which is optimum for the needs of the city of Čačak and the area of Central Serbia. Our regular deliveries provide fresh bread in the entire retail network that we cover.

Frozen dought

Pons is one of the biggest producer of frozen bakery products in Serbia. The entire production of frozen goods in standardized according to HACCP, Halal, IFS i ISO 9001:2008. We use high quality ingredients and we can quickly respond to market needs and produce up to 10.000 frozen units per shift