Pons Bakery was established on 5 September 1991 as a small family bakery. Getting started was in a rented space in the center of Čacak, Serbia, in Sinđelićeva Street, and four years later, the production moves to Ljubić, where is located today.

During the quarter-century of work, the smell of fresh bread and pastries every morning wakes residents of Čačak and other cities. Today Pons daily fresh products can be found in Užice, Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Vrnjačka Banja, Gornji Milanovac, Zlatibor, Ivanjica, Čačak, Požega, Kosjerić etc ... ..and packaged and frozen products are present in the market all over Serbia through large systems Delhaize , Merkator, InterAman, Dis, Metro and Idea. At the same time, Pons retail system  has grown and evolved and now includes 35 retail shops - bakery.

Very important year in our business was 2015, when we opened the first Le Pons premium retail establishments with great service, coffee, cakes, ice cream and where, wherever space allows, bake fresh bakery products.

These same, 2015, is the world's largest fair event WORLD EXPO 2015, held in Milan, and Bakery Pons was one of the chosen baker to Italian and international public with a tradition of Serbian bakery and fine bakery products from our region, in the framework of the pavilion of the Republic of Serbia .

In the jubilee year 2016, which marks 25 years of successful business, Pons began exports of the traditional frozen bakery products from Serbia to picky Scandinavian markets in Sweden and Norway.