Dark bread with seeds

Today, the dark bread is  the most common choice of a person who care about their health and take care of balanced diet.  Pons was listening to the needs of its customers, and made dark bread with seeds (serbian"Crni hleb sa semenkama").

It is made of flour type 1100, with the addition of a mixture of seeds and enriched with wheat bran.

Flour is not refined, has a large amount of dietary fiber. These are cellulose, hemicellulose,lignin (indigestible carbohydrates). Fibers increases stomach volume alone prolonged feeling of satiety, have a protective effect,  and have no caloric value. Fibers also have a calming effect on the gastric acid, increases the activity of the intestines, affects strengthening of digestive organ.

Furthermore contains vitamin E, a number of minerals, as well as unsaturated fatty acids, and improves the blood test, metabolism, preventing the onset of atherosclerosis, liver protection, it is useful to view.